Little Lies For Everyone

[1] Slow Hand
[2] I Try To Suite Everybody's Taste
[3] I'm So Shy
[4] Little Lies For Everyone (Franšois/Simon)
[5] No Sports!
[6] Get A Move On
[7] Mists Of My Heart (Franšois/Simon)
[8] I Guess She's In A Mess
[9] And When She's Down
[10] Michael Loves His Toys
[11] Three Angels
[12] Only Good Stuff (Franšois/Simon)
[13] Let's Commit A Crime
[14] No Shoes
[15] No, No, Only You
[16] The Fish In My Bathroom (Franšois/Simon)


rk records LC 3863



Ulrich Simon (Gesang, Gitarren, Piano, Synthesiser, Drum & Synths Programmierung)
Birgit Melzer (Gesang)
J÷rn B÷sel (E-Bass, Fretless Bass, Gitarre, Trompete, Gesang)
Ulli Stein (Co-Produzent, Drum & Synths Programmierung)
Chick Kretschmer (Kontrabass, E-Gitarre)
Carlos B. (Altsaxophon)
Rolf GloŰl (Gesang)
Alain Franšois (Gesang)
Tom Knauer (Gitarren)

© 2004 U. Simon