I'm So Shy

I'm So Shy

Every time he looks at me
My face turns pale
My pulse is out of control
I know I will fail

I'm so shy, yes I'm so shy
I can't help myself I wanna die

I can't sleep at night
And I'm so lonely (She’s so lonely)
I think it serves me right (yeah yeah)
It's no joke I'm crying (She’s crying)

Every time he's near to me
(he's near to her)
The blood rushes to my face
(rushes to her face)
And I begin to stutter
My mind is in a haze (is in a haze)
I'm really in a flutter

(Lyrics & Music: Simon)


This reminds me of early Marianne Faithful recordings. The backing vocals are great as well. Nice retro feel to the production, very listenable mix. Cute and clever lyrics, and a melody that sticks with you. Nice hook there. All the makings of a hit. Congrats! Love the organ work!
(Ed Drury, Indiehangout/Mixposure)

'I'm So Shy'; - I really like this piece. It does feel a bit nostalgic of the late 60's British beat. Have mercy... the mercybeat; yeah!!
Sounds great with nice, really nice vocals. Take care.
(Vesa, Indiehangout)

Nice snappy tune!
(Jack Wright aka wrightdue, Indiehangout)

German 70s power, but in English... MARVELLOUS!
Just singing it... can't get it out of my head.
(Syngularity, R Cat)

This song is so completely different... reminds of the most possible lovely blend of Juliane Werding and "Im Wagen vor mir", with great organ additions, that make this work to something special... J.O., you're having your own style, and this Stück is a Partyknaller!!! I will recommend it to my friends for the next Sommerparty, so that they don't have to be shy anymore, later on that evening.
(Syngularity, Mixposure)

Well put together and well produced............ Sweet!
(PaulyQ, R Cat)

Awesome voice from Birgit
J.O why didn`t you mention it on the Song description. Very refreshing song. The female voice is very nice und fascinating. Ok your vox also ok :-) Nice lyrics with a shy story. Alltogether a good mood tune, well perfomed and well produced. Great work and highly recommended! Volle Punkte!!!
(Marijan, R Cat/Mixposure)

Vocals blend well...... liked the word "flutter".....a nice little tune about a well known human condition......the organ interlude was interesting!
(Henry Tarnecky aka tarboy, Indiehangout)

Besonic Feature 16.03.2004
alpha69 über Im So Shy:

Luftig und locker interpretiert, da ist von Schüchternheit nichts zu merken! Hörenswert!

© 2002 Dr. U. Simon